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555 Best Telegram Bio [Quotes &Status] for Boys & Girls 2023

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telegram bio

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Telegram Bio

  • Buddy, can you paradigm?
  • Ambition on fleek!
  • Don’t be racist; hate everyone.
  • I speak fluent sarcasm!
  • Rip Drama & Fake People
Telegram Bio
  • I fail English? That’s impossible!
  • Staying positive is the way to happiness
  • Spreading love & happiness will not be a difficult task
  • Of course, I talk to myself! However, sometimes I need expert advice!
  • Hates many people, loves many people, doesn’t hate anyone, doesn’t face anything!
  • I have the keys to world peace, but someone changed the lock!
  • Stay strong when times are hard
  • It will hurt the heart, they are broken. They adjust the rotation and repeat
  • I am a brave, strong, & crazy person at the same time
  • Do not follow the people with your eyes closed. Sometimes just keep quiet
  • I am very open-minded, my mind is going to fall one day
  • I’m honest and I’m sure some of my subscribers will do the same
  • I am on an endless path to success
  • Traveling the world allows me to express myself
  • The future will come and we will know when it will come!
  • I don’t have heaven & I’m afraid of hell, I’m going to change!
  • The people will judge your dress, your crying, your smile, your breathing, your walk, your conversation, your lifestyle, and so on. Sometimes you just have to ignore it.
  • In Search of Comfort, Rational Welfare and County
  • I’m not looking back at my sweetheart, it bothers me now!
  • Slow is a bad word, I like select participation!
  • I held on to life but broke down
  • I’m not online, it’s just eye-catching
  • I want to be different like everyone else
  • I could resist anything but temptation
  • Remember, the world is yours, conditions of use
  • It’s not a habit, it’s a way of working
  • Add things that are important to me

Telegram Bio for Boys

  • Relationship status: Netflix and ice cream
  • Words cannot express my passion and love for Fridays
  • Chocolate never asks me any questions, chocolate understands me.
  • Kanye’s the attitude toward Drake’s feelings.
  • Humble with just a hint of Kanye
Telegram Bio for Boys
  • Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.
  • Gifted napper, talker, and ice cream eater.
  • I might look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head, I’m quite busy.
  • To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
  • I would rather die of passion than of boredom.
  • In a world where you can have everything. Be a giver first.
  • Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
  • Together we could be unstoppable

Best Bio for Telegram

  • Eat…sleep….regret…repeat
  • I’m on energy-saving mode
  • Making History.
  • You are enough.
  • Success is in my blood
  • Living the life I imagined
  • Trust the magic of new beginnings
  • No rain no flowers
  • Addicted to Vitamin-Sea
  • A little sun, sand & sea
  • Let’s get lost together
  • Life is like a box of chocolates
  • Life is too short for bad coffee
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe
  • The best things in life are free
  • Daydreamer, night thinker
  • This picture is my autobiography
  • All we have is NOW.
  • Weekends, are you still there?
  • By faith and grace. Beautiful
  • I have always loved you many times
  • Be yourself Everything else has been taken
  • Just a cake in search of muffins
  • Make life easier and live without regrets
  • I’m cool but global warming keeps me warm
  • One day I will have an updated version

Telegram Bio Ideas

  • Passing my time writing a bio
  • I am born at a very young age
  • Simplicity is the key to brilliance
  • Make peace and keep on
  • Insert your bio here
Telegram Bio Ideas
  • My blood is made of coffee
  • Better an oops than a what if
  • Don’t be racist, hate everyone
  • Life is better when you are laughing
  • If luck is not smiling at you, smile
  • Lots of hair and likes to do
  • Don’t be afraid of the whole package.
  • The worst two minutes of my life are trying to be normal
  • You have to click on the follow button to know my story
  • There is a button called Follow, tap on it. BIOS can’t tell my story
  • It’s easy to follow me, it’s impossible to follow me
  • It’s not about the destination. It’s about travel. Enjoy your ride
  • I’m very busy right now, can I let you know one more time?
  • I can talk to you now Sweetness is my weakness
  • I have loved you all my life with my breath, smiles, & tears
  • She was crying because they were so strong
  • You see, everyone has a story, but it’s a mystery to me
  • We are all a little broken but life is not stopping
  • Make the worst of the best
  • You don’t turn me into a normal mind because I’m crazy
  • When someone says you have changed, it simply means that you have stopped living your own life their way
  • I changed my password to “Wrong”. Now my password is wrong

Telegram Bio to Attract

  • Don’t call it a dream, plan it
  • Not everyone wandered
  • I can’t see a better paradise than this
  • I think I’m allergic to mornings
  • Perfectly imperfect
  • Let’s find a creative place to get lost
  • Stressed, depressed but well be a creative person
  • Food before dudes
  • My good man is a good man
  • Life is short, every turn of the hair counts
  • Love the people who see you without seeing others
  • You have to embrace the wonderful dirt
  • I don’t want to live anywhere
  • I’ll be back, I’m just exploring
  • Eat, tan, sleep, repeat

Cool Telegram Bios

  • On a 24h Champagne diet
  • Recovering ice-cream addict
  • I prefer my puns intended
  • Don’t let the colors fade to grey
  • Sweeter than honey
Cool Telegram Bios
  • Optimism is contagious
  • You totally can
  • Want to see the light in the world
  • Don’t expect change by thinking like this
  • All your dreams are in a world of fear
  • This account is related to my ugly behavior
  • It is wine o’clock somewhere!
  • Under construction, dear come back soon
  • Hey i just met you & it’s crazy
  • If you’re bored from the start, stop giving
  • I’m not small, I’m less anchored than others
  • Dare to pursue something that will set your soul on fire
  • A happy candidate sees an opportunity in every difficult situation
  • Hustle + Heart will set you apart
  • Gone wild for a while
  • Chasing waterfalls & wanderlust
  • These are the days we live for
  • The lion does not care about the sheep
  • If luck doesn’t smile on you, smile
  • If you want to fast go alone. If you want to avoid them all, come on
  • I don’t need a charming prince for my happy ending
  • I’m not going to cry for you. My mascara is too expensive

Short Bio For Telegram

  • Escape the ordinary
  • Go wild for a while
  • I’d rather be at Hogwarts
  • Good food, good mood
  • Take a risk or miss an opportunity.
Short Bio For Telegram
  • Procrastination is my best friend
  • Do what scares you.
  • Weekend, please don’t leave me
  • I saw the challenges in my eyes and blinked
  • They shouted my name, now whispered
  • Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not that strong
  • Ask yourself what you want to do tomorrow as you get closer
  • Only memories will remain, only footprints will remain
  • It’s been a great day, & I’ve never seen one before
  • Life goes on when you are busy with another project
  • I travel because you always make the most money, but you don’t have much time
  • We don’t have it, but we appreciate how much it makes us happy
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities in life because some things only happen once
  • Make your dreams come true or hire someone else to make them
  • You don’t change until you stop trying
  • Don’t take life too seriously. No one can come out alive
  • The three most important words I can say
  • I’m not going to try to improve. I was born to stand

Funny Bio for Telegram

  • Telegram Status is Loading
  • Error 400: Bio unavailable
  • Hey there! Telegram is using me
  • Can’t telegram, only calls!
  • Space available for advertisement
Funny Bio for Telegram
  • Best $$ of me is yet to come
  • Spreading smiles
  • Eat…sleep….regret…repeat
  • Success is in my blood
  • Believe in your selfie
  • Smile, it confuses people
  • Only dead fish follow the river
  • Scratch Here to see my status
  • Simple, computerized planning during delivery
  • Traveling the world gives me the opportunity to explore myself
  • I’m not online, just a glance
  • When I turned around, I leaned on the hockey stick
  • Surprisingly, when I vibrate my phone and I beg you, I go crazy
  • I respond to my opinion and I don’t care what I say
  • Surprisingly, I love all the girls I’m talking about. Nothing for me
  • If you don’t have something good to say, sit down with me, and we can make people laugh
  • I will always be there for you, just tell me when to start
  • My madness is not just a cup of tea
  • I generally agree that being popular on telegram is as meaningless as being rich in syndication
  • People my age are involved in relationships, breakdowns, heartaches, patches
  • Don’t be less curious about people & more curious about ideas !!
  • I don’t care how difficult it is, there is nothing worse than being different
  • When life gets tough, always remember that you are the strongest sperm
  • You’re still a little kitten looking for love in the cold world
  • Try not to think for a second that I am really wondering what you have to say
  • Hates a lot of people, loves a lot of people, doesn’t hate anyone, doesn’t face anything
  • The less you relax, the less you have to deal with

Good Bio for Telegram

  • One tequila, two tequila, floor
  • Brain Honey, I finally graduated. Diploma
  • I’m busy on telegram but you are doing something useful
  • Why look at the stars if I am the biggest star
  • Spreading smiles
Good Bio for Telegram
  • Reality is ultimately better than your dreams
  • I scored because I’m very worldly
  • Act like a lady, think like a boss
  • If I remove your number, you are usually removed from my life
  • Life is stupid and I want to sleep
  • There is no rain without rain, nothing without darkness
  • Bubbly like Champagne
  • Always living in the weekend
  • Chase my storm
  • Born free now I am expensive
  • Wear your confidence like a crown
  • This is my pretty hungry face
  • These are the days we live for
  • I woke up like this
  • Always fabulous
  • Go where you feel more alive

Awesome Telegram Bios

  • I look like a butterfly: charming & hard to catch
  • I dressed to see my reflection as I walked through the shop windows
  • I am half a mother-in-law & half a slave with a pinch of dust in it
  • Today’s atmosphere is brought to you by coffee and lipstick
  • You can’t do magic without me.
Awesome Telegram Bios
  • Be like a pineapple: stand up straight, be crowned, and be gentle inside
  • If life doesn’t make you smile, give it a good tickle
  • I am a sweetheart with a mission & a sweetheart with a desire
  • A king bows only to his queen
  • I have enough shoes, no one ever said
  • Silence is the loudest voice
  • Start by changing your mind, end your life by changing
  • I like places where you realize how small you are
  • When your life is black & white, make sure you have colorful dreams
  • When they can’t take your place, they start losing you
  • There is no Wi-Fi in the jungle but you will get a better connection
  • Never be so busy that you forget to live
  • Well-meaning women rarely make history

Crazy Telegram Bios

  • Goodness is another bitch who will throw you into this evil world
  • Love weakens the heart & weakness cannot be my habit
  • Darkness does not exist, only an unexpected lack of light
  • I have eaten a large part of my life. We will do the same in the next life
  • Anyone who knows my telegram username should never do another recording.
Crazy Telegram Bios
  • My attitude is my approach
  • Why be sad & why waste this life if you can completely dizzy the floor with excitement
  • Trying to extend an informal conversation to an average speech
  • To endlessness and past
  • In contrast, cell phones are getting thinner and better these days
  • Is there no guarantee that everything I publish in this bio is true?
  • Where is the curse, & how do I get there?
  • I want to walk because of the fog. Nobody knows I smoke
  • The most painful farewells are contraction and unknown
  • Everyone in the world has given birth to a child except my mother, she has given birth to a legend!
  • Farewell is never as painful as a teacher’s farewell class!
  • I am a brave man, strong & crazy at the same time
  • If I tickled, I would go into safe mode
  • I didn’t change, I just woke up
  • To endlessness and past
  • I’m only pretending to be me

Swag Telegram Bios

  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Making History
  • I want a beautiful, long relationship where everyone says they are still?
  • Be yourself. People don’t like you, & you don’t care
  • Ready, set, selfie!
Swag Telegram Bios
  • Have a great day as you take the perfect selfie for the first time
  • A problem solver. Enthusiastic travel guru of social networks
  • I finally stopped running on my own. & who is better?
  • Make life easier & live without regrets
  • I’m on energy-saving mode
  • Sometimes I’m always loved you
  • This is not a mountain, we are ourselves
  • Your potential is endless.

Attitude Bio for Telegram

  • Silence is the loudest voice
  • Can’t walk… vehicles only..!
  • I’m not a complete fool. Some parts are missing
  • Remember this is just a bad day, not a bad life
  • I favor my quips expected
Attitude Bio for Telegram
  • Eating whole apples focuses on the fact that you try not to leave them in the container, or you did it
  • Overall, an easy road ahead. Also, I’m good at stopping
  • If my love for you was a crime, I want to be a favorite criminal
  • Spreading love & happiness will not be a difficult task
  • I’m ashamed to be on the same line all my life
  • I am another gem that is still important
  • If you can’t get someone out. They may be there
  • Titan Cupcake is really me. Confused about crazy rides and dry snow
  • I wanted to base my position on what I really think
  • I have a new theory that human childhood does not end in the mid-thirties
  • Almost when you think you can do it, someone finally works
  • Are you a broker on the grounds that you want to give me credit?
  • I’m very busy right now, can I let you know one more time?
  • I don’t have much to give you. I am not rich The only promise I can make is that whatever I do is always there for you
  • I just had a passionate reaction to the universe
  • Treat each day as the last. One day you will be fine
  • Loving is not an option. To be in love
  • Don’t invest in feelings, love is a lost asset

Professional Bio for Telegram

  • Outdoors is purposes
  • Don’t be sad because people will die
  • I put the hot in insane
  • Hey there! Be there
  • Too busy to update a status
Professional Bio for Telegram
  • I wouldn’t be perfect if you weren’t in my life. I prayed that I did not know such pain
  • Gravity cannot be blamed on lovers
  • I say this What do you want to hear from me?
  • I walk the unlimited path to success
  • I’m not sure how many problems I’ve had with math, that’s one of them
  • No matter how hard someone is on you, there is always someone who can make you weak.
  • I come back to the fact that a normal day is no bigger than a squid on the beach or in the stomach

Attitude Bio for Telegram for Girl

  • Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast!
  • Money can’t buy happiness. …
  • All I need is Coffee and Mascara.
  • Smile, it’s free therapy.
  • A girl should be like a butterfly. …
Attitude Bio for Telegram for Girl
  • My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Create your own magic.
  • I love the confidence that makeup gives me.
  • Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy Makeup!
  • All I need is Coffee and Mascara.
  • My hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Create your own magic.
  • I love the confidence that makeup gives me.
  • I’m not short, I’m concentrated awesome!
  • Cinderella never asked for a prince.

Attractive Bio for Telegram

  • So don’t worry about me.
  • ♦ Dying to talk
  • Afraid to text.????
  • ♦ A Small Talk can fix a lot
  • ♦ I can turn my sadness into a joke,
Attractive Bio for Telegram
  • If I’m your mind, just text me.
  • ♦ We may not talk,
  • But I still care.
  • ♦ You’re still my favorite person,
  • Even if I’m not yours…
  • ♦ I want to be alone
  • But with you.♥️
  • ♦ You are like healing for me.
  • No medicine was able to
  • heal my pain,
  • ♦ But a conversation with
  • my best friend did.
  • ♦ Trust in me dies,
  • when someone lies.
  • ♦ People think I am quiet
  • But I am just observing.
  • ♦ I’m very ok with losing people
  • Who are ok with losing me?
  • ♦ Replace me is easy but finding
  • A vibe like mine is impossible.
  • ♦ If I make you happy, I’m happy.

Motivational Bio for Telegram

  • Live each day, as if your life had just begun.
  • Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn
  • If you’re going through hell, keep going.
  • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
  • Stop saying I wish, and start saying I will.
Motivational Bio for Telegram
  • “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.”
  • “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
  • “Take care of this moment.”
  • “Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self.”
  • “Continue to grow and evolve.”
  • “A no uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ uttered merely to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.”
  • “Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it.”
  • Every moment is a beginning… Never, never, never give up. – Winston Churchill
  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt
  • Life is trying things to see if they work. – Ray Bradbury
  • May you live every day of your life. – Jonathan Swift
  • To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. – Wilson Kanadi
  • You get what you settle for The best way out is always through. – Robert Frost
  • Work your way up or rust your way out. – Holton
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Hacker Bio for Telegram

  • Your smile is as bright as the sun.
  • Let us get lost in the sunset together.
  • Stop dreaming and start doing.
  • When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.
  • One day or day one? You decide.
Hacker Bio for Telegram
  • I must destroy you with hugs and kisses.
  • Don’t stop until you’re proud.
  • I just want to be happy.
  • The best $$ of me is yet to come.
  • Following me is easy, unfollowing me is impossible.
  • Sometimes you don’t realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory
  • If life gives you lemons, make a margarita
  • The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow
  • I am like a butterfly: pretty to see and hard to catch
  • Lift up your head princess or your crown will fall
  • Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be
  • Be like a diamond, precious & rare, not like a stone found everywhere
  • Born free now I am expensive

Telegram Bio With Emoji

  • Savage and unbeatable 💪🔥
  • Simply a lady following her passions💫
  • “confidently the ego and self-confident. 🦄🌟
  • “Valuing my faults and being true to myself. 💁‍♀️
  • “Humble girl with grand visions”💭💫
  • “living a daring exploration fully slowly but surely. 🌟🌈”
  • “Lover of everything natural world, wildlife exploration. 🌿🐾🌄”
  • “Powerful, self-sufficient, and always ready for a problem. 💪👩‍🦰”
  • “Just a lady attempting to find her way using life with charm and laughter. 🌸💃🏻”
  • “Boss of my tiny universe. 👑 | fired up about music, creativity, and discovering new destinations. 🎶🎨🌍”
  • “Self-improvement for go-getters 🏆🧠”
  • “See the world through our viewpoint 📷✈️”
  • Offering my ideas and sentiments to the world.
  • Teaching from my failures and moving onward.
  • “Latest news and review From across the globe 🌍📰”
  • “Brand awareness and hints for start-up founders 🚀💡”
  • “Join our network of design experts and get fired up🎨🌟

Telegram Bio in English

  • Whenever I think of you.
  • You hold a very special place in my heart and
  • I want you to be there forever.
  • I’ll always be here for you
  • My heart beats faster
Telegram Bio With Emoji
  • in every aspect of life.
  • One day,
  • You and me, Forever and Ever.
  • You’re mine, and I’m waiting for the day
  • When you will be officially mine.
  • Every moment with you is beautiful.
  • With or without a conversation
  • You’re are still important to me.
  • My heart beats faster Whenever I think you.
  • You hold a very special place in my heart and I want you to be there forever.
  • I’ll always be here for you in every aspect of life.
  • One day, You and me, Forever and Ever.
  • You’re mine, and I’m waiting for the day When you will be officially mine.
  • Every moment with you is beautiful.

Laptop Bios Telegram Group

  • Only dead fish follow the stream
  • Really creative, I mean, just look at me
  • Dream big, work hard, stay focused
  • I forgive but I never forget
  • Have loads of hair and like revolting things
Laptop Bios Telegram Group
  • Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.
  • I am bad to the bone. Proud to be a problem
  • I Talk, I Smile, I Laugh Too, But Be Careful When I’m Silent
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference
  • Tell me what to do and I’ll tell you off
  • Politics is activity in relation to power
  • Take me as I am, not as you wish me to be
  • Privacy is power What People don’t know they can’t ruin
  • Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought
  • The goal is not to be rich, the Goal is to be legend
  • Don’t cry over money, money never cries for you
  • Creative isn’t the way I think, it’s the way I like to live

Telegram Bio Quotes

  • “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.”
  • “Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.”
  • “Be the reason someone smiles today.”
  • “Life is short, make every moment count.”
  • “Embrace the journey, not just the destination.”
Telegram Bio Quotes
  • “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”
  • “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”
  • “Life is a beautiful struggle.”
  • “The best is yet to come.”
  • “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”
  • “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”
  • “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
  • “Live, laugh, love.”
  • “Take the risk or lose the chance.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to be different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.”
  • “Create your own sunshine.”
  • “Life is tough, but so are you.”
  • “Follow your dreams, they know the way.”
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • “Happiness looks gorgeous on you.”
  • “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”
  • “Do what you love, love what you do.”
  • “Stay humble, work hard, be kind.”
  • “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world throws at you.”
  • “Life is too short to wait.”

Nice Quotes for Telegram Bio

  • “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
  • “Chase your dreams and never look back.”
  • “The only limit is your imagination.”
  • “Spread love and kindness wherever you go.”
  • “Be a voice, not an echo.”
Nice Quotes for Telegram Bio
  • “Stay true to yourself and the right people will come into your life.”
  • “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”
  • “Embrace the uncertainty and find beauty in the unknown.”
  • “Life is too short to live with regrets.”
  • “Keep shining, even on the darkest days.”
  • “Happiness is a choice, choose wisely.”
  • “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”
  • “Dream big, work hard, stay humble.”
  • “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot.”
  • “Your time is now, make it count.”
  • “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
  • “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • “Live your life with passion and purpose.”
  • “Every day is a new opportunity to grow and evolve.”
  • “Do what you love, love what you do.”
  • “Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.”
  • “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”
  • “Stay focused, stay hungry, stay humble.”
  • “Life is too short to be anything but happy.”

Best Bio Quotes for Telegram

  • “Live in the moment, love every day.”
  • “Stay curious, stay humble.”
  • “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”
  • “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
  • “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde
Best Bio Quotes for Telegram
  • “Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.”
  • “Do what you love, love what you do.”
  • “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  • “Stay true to your vision and never compromise.”
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker
  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  • “Life is a beautiful journey; embrace the adventure.”
  • “Dream big, work hard, make it happen.”
  • “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”
  • “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer
  • “Live passionately, love fiercely, laugh wholeheartedly.”
  • “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”
  • “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”
  • “Find joy in the journey.”
  • “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.”
  • “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman
  • “Be the best version of yourself.”
  • “Never let your fear decide your fate.”
  • “Life is too short to be anything but extraordinary.”
  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Telegram Bio Status

  • “Seeking adventures and creating memories.”
  • “Striving for progress, not perfection.”
  • “Hustle in silence, let success make the noise.”
  • “Embracing the journey, grateful for the lessons.”
  • “Living my best life, one day at a time.”
Telegram Bio Status
  • “Chasing dreams and making them a reality.”
  • “Finding beauty in the simple moments.”
  • “Living with intention and purpose.”
  • “Spreading positivity and kindness wherever I go.”
  • “Exploring the world and discovering myself.”
  • “Creating my own path and writing my own story.”
  • “Learning, growing, and evolving every day.”
  • “Celebrating the small victories and embracing imperfections.”
  • “Determined to make a difference in this world.”
  • “Living in the present, dreaming of the future.”
  • “Finding joy in the little things that matter.”
  • “Choosing happiness and choosing myself.”
  • “Savoring every moment and cherishing every connection.”
  • “Letting my passion guide me towards my purpose.”
  • “Finding strength in vulnerability and resilience.”
  • “Living with gratitude and embracing abundance.”
  • “Inspiring others through authenticity and genuine kindness.”
  • “Creating my own sunshine on cloudy days.”
  • “Making waves and leaving a positive impact.”
  • “Living life unapologetically and fearlessly.”

Telegram Bio In Hindi

  • हम मरेगें भी तो उस अंदाज से, जिस अंदाज में लोग जीने को भी तरसते है.
  • लाख तलवारे बढ़ी आती हों गर्दन की तरफ; सर झुकाना नहीं आता तो झुकाए कैसे.
  • बिना तेरे ना एक पल हो, ना बिन तेरे कभी कल हो
  • मुझे गिरते हुए पत्तों ने ये समझाया है, बोझ बन जाओगे तो अपने भी गिरा देते है
  • खामोशी से पेहचान बनाते रहो वक्त खुद बताएगा तुम्हारा नाम!
Telegram Bio In Hindi
  • मुकाम वो चाहिए की जिस दिन भी हारु, उस दिन जीतने वाले से ज्यादा मेंरे चर्चे हो
  • Winner वो होता है, जो बार बार हारने के बाद ,,एक और बार प्रयास करता है
  • ज़माना जब भी मुझे मुश्किल में डाल देता है, मेरा ख़ुदा हज़ार रास्ते निकाल देता है
  • जीने का बस यही अंदाज रखो,जो तुम्हे ना समझे उसे नजर अंदाज करो
  • जब रस्ते पर चलते चलते मंजिल का ख्याल ना आये, तो आप सही रस्ते पर है
  • कितना भी पकड़ लो फिसलता जरूर है, ये वक्त है साहब बदलता जरूर है
  • तू हमारी क्या बराबरी करेगी ए पगली, हम तो न्यूज भी डीजे पर सुनते हें..
  • सोच अछि होनी चाहिए ,,क्यूंकि नजर का इलाज तो मुमकिन है पर, नजरिये का नहीं
  • मेरा स्टेटस तेरे मोबाइल में दिख जाये इतनी तेरी Mobile की ओकात नहीं
  • अक्सर अकेलेपन से वही गुजरता है ,जो जिंदगी में, सही फैसलों को चुनता है
  • हर कोई आपको नहीं समझेगा,एहि जिंदगी है
  • उसका रुप भले ही लाखो मे एक हो पर मेरा कमिनापन करोडो मे एक है


In conclusion, we have provided a list of the Best Telegram Bios for Boys and Girls in this article. Whether you’re looking for an Attitude Bio for Telegram or a Cool Telegram Bio, we’ve got you covered. Simply select your favorite bio from our collection, copy it, and paste it into your Telegram profile.


How to write bio in telegram?

Include a sentence or two in your Telegram bio that clearly conveys who you are and how you make a living, such as your interests, profession, or activities.

What is the ideal length for a Telegram bio?

The ideal length for a Telegram bio is concise and to the point, typically around 150-200 characters.

Can I use hashtags in my Telegram bio?

You can use hashtags in your Telegram bio to categorize your interests or highlight specific keywords.

Should I include contact information in my Telegram bio?

Including contact information in your Telegram bio is optional. If you want to provide a means for others to reach out to you, you can include relevant contact details such as email or social media handles.

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